Stealth Threat Process

Disruption (noun) ‘an interruption in the usual way that a system, process or event works.’

“Disruption displaces an existing market, industry or technology and produces something new and more efficient and worthwhile.  It is at once both destructive and creative.”  Clayton Christensen, Harvard Business School

We have developed a process to help you to respond to Disruption or to become the Disruptor.  One of our keystone processes is the Stealth Threat Process.

What was on the agenda of Barnes & Noble Board meeting when Amazon was launched? Or on Blockbuster’s when Netflix appeared?

There are numerous high profile examples of organizations being unaware of an imminent, unseen threat until suddenly its too late; a new player emerges without warning – leaving little time to react and with devastating loss of market share.

It might be true that no one can predict exactly what the future will bring but it is quite achievable to identify trends that will potentially lead to a disruptive threat. By doing this, an organization makes time to either defend itself against the potential threat OR adopt the threat themselves and wreak havoc in their own market (or a new market).

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DPI’s Stealth Threat Process provides an organisation with a way to systematically look beyond the conventional competitive environment and identify how a current competitor, a new joint venture or an outsider could dramatically change the way the game gets played in your industry.Although the main Boards of Barnes & Noble and Blockbuster may not have seen the impending threat that was about to be unleashed, it is very likely that someone in those companies did, but their voice was not heard.

For this reason, DPI’s Stealth Threat Process harnesses the minds of the emerging talent within an organization below Board and senior management level. We challenge them to work as a team and come up with a new business concept that could put their existing organisation out of business!

We have two aims:

  • To identify a potential stealth threat so that the organization can amend its corporate strategy to defend itself against OR adopt for its own purposes
  • Challenge, recognize and build a team with a voice within the organization while also encouraging the retention of key talent


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