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We’ve been the catalyst of success for over 1300 CEO’s, delivering clear, focused corporate strategies created with consensus and commitment that insures implementation. It’s Strategy Pure and Simple.

A complete departure from traditional strategic planning methods, the DPI Strategic Thinking Process™ enables management teams to create their own strategies. No army of consultants. No endless "strategy project." Just a concise common-sense process that draws on the knowledge of the people that know the business best – your management team!

What value does a corporate strategy developed by your people deliver?
Growth and profit are the obvious answers. And the DPI Strategic Thinking Process™ has helped CEO's from a cross-section of industries achieve
these results consistently for over 30 years.

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  The other essential benefits of the DPI hands-on approach are:
When your management team finishes the process, they will possess
a single vision of the future. Clarity is the beginning of mastery!

Focus: A clear filter for decision making that enables your managers to direct their efforts towards activities/opportunities that complement the desired strategic direction and to prevent wasted efforts on unrelated issues.

Consensus and commitment: Agreement on, and ownership of, the future corporate strategy among the management team, with a strong commitment to successful implementation because they created it and own it. For any strategy to succeed, your people must understand it, embrace it, and make it happen.

Time efficient: A winning corporate strategy created in a matter of days, not weeks or months. Shorter meetings, fewer arguments, less dissipation of energy because everyone knows what's important. And budget setting becomes a simple process, not a time consuming game.

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